Does insurance cover services?

Here is some helpful information:


We accept Medicare, Secondary (supplemental) Insurance and most Medicare Advantage Plans. Medicare covers 80% of the cost and the supplemental Plans cover the remaining 20% of the cost. This means that for those with Medicare and supplemental Insurance, there is little to no cost out of pocket unless you have a deductible to meet.

Medicare Advantage Plans vary and we would inform you of what your financial responsibility would be when we review your plan.

We do NOT accept private insurance at all- not by choice, but because we are not a home health agency, nor an outpatient clinic, therefore they do not reimburse us for services. Therefore, we can accept private pay for those interested in our physical therapy services that do not have Medicare or Medicare Advantage. Please contact us for current rates for services.


Our wellness program is designed to be a customized fitness regimen to either maintain wellness or to initiate an exercise program under the supervision of a licensed Rehab professional. This program is not intended to treat any specific medical condition but is designed to maximize wellness, mobility, and strength for our clients.

This program is not covered by any insurance and is therefore private pay. The cost is dependent upon how many sessions per month you are purchasing. The packages with more sessions per month give the greatest value of price per session. Please review our Wellness Program page on the website and contact us for current rates for services.


AIPS provides consultations and implementation services for those in need of home modifications. Our clients have found these services to be extremely helpful, as the expertise is encompassing the needed clinical perspective from a licensed and certified Rehab Professional in addition to a contractor.

Some examples of what we can help with are grab bars, railings, ramps, bathroom remodeling, general accessibility consulting, post-surgical home/ equipment set-up, etc.
We have a trusted network of contractors we utilize to implement the agreed upon changes and can facilitate the process of remodeling, as needed.

Insurance does not cover these services and is therefore available with private pay.
Please contact us for current rates for services.


We offer monthly workshops at the Lewes Public Library on the topic of Lower Back Pain & Sciatica from which you can register right here on our website or on facebook.

We also offer presentations on Aging in Place for various community organizations and residential communities. Another way we engage and help our community is by offering free screen events such as balance screens, back pain screens, etc.

All of these services are completely FREE of charge. Follow us on Facebook and check our website to register for events or inquire of upcoming workshops/ screens.

I am impressed with the professional care and steady improvement in all activities Jacob