Our Story

Based in Lewes, Delaware, Aging in Place Specialists (AIPS) was originally formed in 2014 to meet the growing need and desire of individuals to remain in their homes as they grow older. In 2016, we expanded our mission to include skilled physical therapy care for numerous treatable conditions.

We provide Home-based Outpatient Physical Therapy that is covered by Medicare, as well as home-based wellness programs.

We believe that all patients deserve one-on-one attention for best outcomes, so you will never have to share your therapy time with anyone else.

We also believe in consistency of care, so most often, you will have the same physical therapist from the start of your care to the finish - a therapist who gets to know you and your home environment that can track your progress closely without any interruption or deviation.

During COVID-19, this method of care has never been more important. We are able to minimize our patient’s exposure to Covid-19 by caring for them 1:1 at home as opposed to a busy clinic setting. The other ways that AIPS minimizes exposure and transmission of COVID-19 is daily screening of patients and staff, sanitizing equipment between patients, washing hands, and utilizing KN95/ N95 masks that block 95% or more of the virus from transmission. We are committed to ensuring our patients feel safe while receiving care.

Aging in Place Specialists treat all conditions commonly treated by Physical Therapy but are known in our community for our excellent Physical Therapy outcomes for improving balance as well as for low back pain and sciatica. We firmly believe in empowering our patients to be their best. We achieve this by providing education about their condition, developing a customized care plan, and instructing on behavior modifications needed to avoid injury.

We can also provide dry needling for specific pain conditions. AIPS works one on one with every client in the privacy of their own home with Board Certified and highly skilled and experienced Physical Therapists for an attentive and progressive approach to care.

Our programs help progress patients through 3 Phases of Healing:

  1. Abolish or minimize pain.
  2. Restore normal mobility and strength.
  3. Strategize return to normal daily activities.

For specific balance issues, our treatment program helps individuals with various levels of balance difficulty. We have a personalized approach for re-training the balance systems, including the vestibular system, that may be deficient and causing unsteadiness. Our methods show consistent results in lowering fall risk.

For those with Parkinson’s Disease, we have certified Physical Therapists in LSVT-BIG program. You can contact us for more information at (302) 444-8318.

As always, we’ll meet you at your place!