Wellness Program

Have you been a patient or client of Aging in Place Specialists?

Then welcome to the family!

As part of the AIPS family, it is our great pleasure to introduce to you our Wellness Program.

AIPS also has customized plans for those that are joining us for the first time..

AIPS has always been intentional about researching the growing needs and services that would be valued by the community and then responds accordingly. A significant amount of people that recover from an injury or condition with physical therapy get discharged and stop doing the activities that made them better in the first place. They then regress and fall back into old habits that either put them in pain again, or return them to a previous weaker condition.

AIPS has taken the steps to solve this problem in response to many community members that report experiencing this exact regression post-rehab.

The AIPS Wellness Program is an exercise and hands-on care fitness program completely customizable to clients for their level of mobility and fitness. Unlike other fitness or wellness programs, it is overseen by a Healthcare Professional that comes to your desired location- whether that be your home, the beach, boardwalk, a gym, park, or pool.

This program has been designed for those wishing to maintain or improve their fitness level with the assistance and supervision of a licensed professional (either Physical Therapist or Physical Therapist Assistant). Every session is private, one on one, and lasts up to an hour, as tolerated. There are periodic evaluations including your first visit.

Contact us today to speak with us about our program options at 302-444-8318 or email us at hello@aginginplacede.com.


  • Concierge service - we come to you!
  • Completely customized to your needs
  • Private, one on one attention
  • Experienced Healthcare Professional supervision
  • Monthly Subscription options
  • Package choices based on your needs

Program Options:

  • 12 Sessions Per Month
  • 8 Sessions per Month
  • 4 Sessions per Month
  • Pay as you go option.

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I have been able to get around much better in the house and can do things without holding on as much. Joyce