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"Awesome, truly caring group! Great physical therapist. Super helpful office staff! The only physical therapy group I would use for my mom!"
Aug 19, 2023
"I started using your services and would like to let you know that Ann Kois was the best. She has helped me a lot. She has a great personality and was always helpful and professional. I will definitely recommend your services to others and will use you again. Thanks "
May 16, 2023
"The Physical Therapy that I received through Aging in Place was outstanding! My Physical Therapist, Holly Ann was professional, intuitive and patient. She created an individualized program based on my specific needs. As a result, I was able to increase mobility, increase standing balance, incorporate correct movement patterns and use breathing/postural resets to eliminate pain. Holly Ann gave me “tools” to use going forward to maintain AND increase healthy functional mobility. I will recommend Aging in Place, and especially Holly Ann to anyone who might need PT services. "
Apr 21, 2023
"This was my second time having Holly come to my house for therapy. Because she did such a good job the first go round, I was not in as bad a place that I was worried about. Since one of my problems is mobility related, it is especially helpful to me to have the therapist come to my home. Then I didn't have to worry about inclement weather, and driving, etc. I loved having the privacy of my home instead of being in a crowded, intimidating gym and not having to share my time. I think one-on-one is essential for elderly people to get the most from their Therapy program, especially since I have a tendency to forget exactly what I'm supposed to be doing. Highly recommend Aging in Place. "
Mar 13, 2023
"PT was spectacular I highly recommend this company. They work hard to make everything go smooth"
Dec 29, 2022
"My second time using Aging in Place for physical therapy. 100% satisfied again. Therapist was always on time, polite and courteous. Never pushing me further than I was physically able, but encouraging me. Gave excellent suggestions and during my last session, gave me advice on an exercise plan so that I would not injure myself again. If and when I need PT in the future, I will definitely ask for the services of Aging in Place again!"
Dec 12, 2022
"The series were very helpful! I feel stronger and have better balance. Arvin was friendly and professional. He knew his business completely. I would definitely ask for him if I am ever in need of additional sessions. "
Dec 11, 2022
"If you are struggling with mobility issues and having difficulty with tasks of daily living at home, I would most highly recommend AGING IN PLACE SPECIALISTS in Lewes De. I have been privileged to use their WELLNESS PROGRAM for several years now. I find their staff to be highly skilled and very caring and compassionate. They look at the whole person and develop a treatment plan according to one’s needs. My plan has even included working on car transfers and follow up on local community trips. Kat is wonderful and highly skilled not only as a PT but also as a home modification specialist. She clearly “knows her stuff”. She came to my home and made recommendations and suggestions to make my living situation easier and safer. Although I fought it long and hard, my recommended electric toilet lift has been life changing for me. I am now able to use the bathroom independently and safely with no issues. Both my PTA( Katie) and my PT( Megan) have exceptional clinical skills, genuine concern for my overall well-being and a determination to challenge me with measurable goals and the expected improved outcomes. It is because of my work with them that I am able to live independently in my own home with minimal outside support services and thus stay out of Assisted Living. Do not hesitate to call AIP for an evaluation…You will not be disappointed."
Dec 09, 2022
"Our experience with Arvin as a physical therapist was very pleasant. We found him to be caring, patient, friendly and knowledgeable in his field of helping us with balance issues. He was always on time for our class. We have and will continue to recommend Aging in place program to our friends and anyone who has a fear of falling. "
Dec 08, 2022
Nov 05, 2022
"The physical therapist helped me in so many ways. I feel confident in my ability to strengthen myself with exercises done correctly and consistently. She was so encouraging with her instructions on how to deal with my problems. Being in my home was such an advantage for her to see where I had obstacles to deal with, such as my stairs, a dog, sleeping postures, proper footwear, etc. Her attention to detail and her knowledge of the body workings was outstanding. One of my goals was to be able to walk the entire boardwalk (which I used to do every day). I am now doing it. Another goal was to avoid knee surgery. I now have an appointment with an orthopaedic doctor which she encouraged me to do to figure out the status of my knees and hip discomfort. I'm sure the exercises I am now doing have improved my mobility very much. I thank you for having Lori in your employ and for sending her to me. "
Nov 05, 2022
Oct 28, 2022
"If you find yourself in the need to have physical therapy at your home due to significant medical and/or health reasons, and clinical care competency, measurable goals and improved outcomes are important to you, then you should put Aging in Place Specialist (AIPS) on the top of your list of companies to review. My therapist was a lovely young lady by the name Megan MacDonald. Words can not express my and my family's appreciation for Megan's hard work and determination for me to achieve all of my goals. In addition to Megan's exceptional clinical skills, her dependability and her pleasant and outgoing personality, I found Megan to one of those rare young individuals who has a genuine concern for the overall well being of not only her patient, but their entire family as well. I am confident that these same qualities are a part of AIPS fiber and what you can expect from all of the therapist, assistants and the support staff. "
Oct 07, 2022


My recent PT experience has been uniquely positive.. directing me to activities designed to return function.

20 Years ago I accidentally severed the bundle of dorsal tendons on my right ankle. The tendons to the small toes were never reattached but I continued running, tennis, and other activities but began to have difficulty on my right side. My knee became a problem as my entire gait was wrong. My dropped right foot changed my gait increasingly to the point that even normal walking was a challenge. I had done PT a few times but therapists were treating the symptoms without a proper diagnosis. It wasn’t until I began seeing Susan Pender that I understood how problems with my foot, hip, knee, and back were all related. I got to the point where I was avoiding even simple activities like going to a restaurant or even a short walk. My recent PT experience has been uniquely positive. Instead of simply doing the same exercises and activities, the therapist was observing my motions and directing me to activities designed to return function. A wholistic approach was used to help me realize that my entire skeleton is a system and when one part isn’t working right the others don’t either. I even had sensory problems with my right hand that I suspect may relate back to my gait. I’ve noticed more feeling in my hand as I begin to walk properly. Before therapy I thought my problem was the need for a knee replacement. I’ve learned that even with my bone on bone knee, proper walking posture and the constant use of a brace has allowed me to resume many activities that I had foregone.

– Steven


I am impressed with the professional care and steady improvement in all activities


I would recommend AIPS for anyone who has need of physical training. Together we have met our goals!


My experience with AIPS has been a surprising opportunity for me on a daily basis to make me feel more confident with daily activities.


My knee pain has decreased and I am able to enjoy moving, going up stairs, and walking.

Mary Anne

Physical Therapy has helped me. The most important thing is that I am more comfortable walking, feel stronger, and am sure of myself.


I have been able to get around much better in the house and can do things without holding on as much.


My knee pain has decreased and I am able to enjoy moving, going up stairs, and walking. Mary Anne